We could not care for our children the way we do without your financial giving! Thank for being a part of our story of hope and restoration.

If you have made a donation, either a one time gift or a series of gifts, we would love to thank you! Please email us on the contact page, enter your information and we would love to give you our hearty thanks and appreciation. You might also consider signing up for our newsletters, email updates, or blog posts. Email Us

Although a General Donation allows us to apply the funds where most needed, if you have any specific requests regarding what we spend your gift on, please specify the amount you gave and what you would like it to go towards in your email to us. Thank you!

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iKhethelo Children’s Village

Standard Bank

Account Number: 243012365
Branch Code: 045726

Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
(If Required – Overseas Donation)


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